Residential Permits

A permit is required from the MCRC Engineering Department for all work being conducted within the road right-of-way, whether being performed by a contractor or property owner. Such work may include, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Installing a New Residential Driveway
  • Upgrading an Residential Existing Driveway
  • Installing an Agricultural Driveway
  • Ditch Enclosure with Frontage Tile Installation
  • Repaving an Existing Driveway
  • Curb Cutting
  • Ditch Cleaning

More information is located on the Permit Information page.

Forms & Templates

Payment Information

  • Online Payment
  • Transaction: Type Service Charge
  • Credit Card: 3% with a $2 minimum
  • Electronic Check: $3 up to $10,000 and $10 over $10,000

Still have questions? Call the Permits Department at 734-240-5132.