Permit Information

A permit is required from the MCRC Engineering Department for all work being conducted within the road right-of-way, whether being performed by a contractor or a property owner. Such work may include, but is not limited to

  • Driveway or frontage tile installation
  • Paving of driveways
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Hanging banners above the roadway
  • Sanitary sewer taps
  • Road improvements

Submission Requirements

When proposing work within the MCRC right-of-way related to commercial site plans, subdivisions, private roads, sanitary and water main extensions, service drives and road extensions, an engineering review is required. A transmittal letter, review deposit (per the MCRC Fee Schedule (PDF)), and two detailed sets of plans shall be submitted to the MCRC. 

A review deposit may not be required for sanitary sewer, water main, or other projects performed by townships and government agencies, however a transmittal letter and detailed plans must be submitted. Submittals shall be sent to the attention of the MCRC Engineering Department.

Other Utility Projects

Permits regarding utility projects other than sanitary sewer, storm sewer, or water main construction shall be submitted to the MCRC Engineering Department with the required MCRC Utility Application Form and plan sets for review.

Prior to issuance of a permit for work within the MCRC right-of-way, proper insurance requirements, bonds, easements, covenants (if necessary), and fees are required. Applicable fees are outlined in the MCRC Fee Schedule (PDF).

For further information, please contact the MCRC Permits Department at 734-240-5132 or the MCRC at 734-240-5102.

Credit Card Payments


Residential permit applications can now be completed and paid for 100% online. The permit application can be found in the link below and emailed to the Permits Department when completed. Once the application is reviewed and approved, a link to pay by credit card or electronic check through Point and Pay will be sent. A service charge will be added for each transaction. Please call our Permits Department at 734-240-5132 with any questions.


Permit applications and payments can also be completed in person at the MCRC office located at 840 S Telegraph Road Monroe, MI 48161.

After payment is made and the application is approved, MCRC staff will inspect the proposed work site(s) to determine how to proceed. Work cannot begin on your project until the road commission has inspected the proposed work site(s) and issued the permit. Applicable fees are outlined in the MCRC Fee Schedule (PDF)