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Permit Information

A permit is required from the MCRC Engineering Department for any and all work being conducted within the road right of way whether it is by a contractor or a property owner. Such work may include but is not limited to driveway/frontage tile installation, paving of driveways, ditch cleaning, banners, sanitary sewer taps, and road improvements.

When proposing work within the MCRC right of way relating to commercial site plans, subdivisions, private roads, sanitary and water main extensions, service drives and road extensions, an engineering review is required. A transmittal letter and a  deposit per the MCRC fee Schedule along with two (2) detailed sets of plans shall be submitted to the MCRC. Township/Local Government Agency’s sanitary and water main projects may be excluded from the review deposit requirement, however a transmittal letter and detailed plans must be submitted. Submittals shall be sent to the attention of the MCRC Engineering Department.


Permits regarding utility projects other than sanitary sewer, storm sewer, or water main construction shall be submitted to the MCRC Engineering Department with the required MCRC Utility Application Form and Plans for review.


Upon approval and prior to issuance of a permit for work within the MCRC right of way, proper insurance requirements, bonds, easements, covenants (if necessary), and fees are required. The following link is the MCRC Fee Schedule.


See links below for forms and templates. For further information, please contact the MCRC at 734-240-5102.