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"The Monroe County Road Commission vows to provide quality, courteous and dependable professional services through innovative, cost-effective ways to maintain our road system through transparency, trust and collaboration between citizens, business and government."



  • Seasonal Weight Restrictions

The Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions on roads under Monroe County Road Commissions’ jurisdiction under Public Act 300 of 1949 of the Michigan Vehicle Code will go into effect at 6:00 p.m., Friday, January 29, 2016. You can obtain a complete listing of restricted and non-restricted roads here.

  • Depositing snow, ice or slush on any roadway or highway
The Monroe County Road Commission would like to remind homeowners and those in the snow removal business of the Michigan State Law (1949 P.A. 300, as amended MCLA 257.677a) that prohibits depositing snow, ice or slush on any roadway or highway. This happens frequently when plow operators push snow across the road or along the shoulder adjacent to driveways. Compliance with the law provides a safer roadway for our community during inclement weather.

  • Road Funding

The Michigan State Legislature has settled on new road funding that will incrementally take effect over a period of several years.  Here is an update from Monroe County’s regional planning organization SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council Of Governments). We will keep you posted as more information is compiled.

  • Dennison Road
The road will be closed immediately at the Miller Drain crossing between Deerfield Road and McCarty Road in Summerfield Township due to structure failure. and is closed indefinitely. No detour for this closure will be posted due to low traffic volumes. Local residences and businesses will be allowed access.
  • Lewis Avenue Update

2015 was a challenging year for local agencies with preparation and financing of projects utilizing federal funding.  Federal funding came down to the states and local agencies in spurts this year; not through the normal process of full availability of funds (obligational authority) right up front.  Congress chose to release the funds fractions at a time which made the planning and project implementation process a nightmare.  The state of Michigan as a whole was shorted by nearly 10% of what was originally planned for FY 2015.  As a result the Monroe County Road Commission (MCRC) lost around $700k in 2015 federal funding due to the federal obligation process and the lack of fully funding the transportation program at the federal level.  The Lewis Avenue, Rauch Road to Todd Road project, among others, was significantly affected by this season’s funding challenges.    


In mid-February the MCRC submitted programming applications and documents necessary to meet the project planning schedule to assure a July 2015 Letting (bid) date.  This would have allowed for construction of Lewis Avenue in August or September 2015.  This obviously did not happen.  Statewide obligational authority was exhausted due to the partial funding release process at the federal level.  As time went on the MCRC project climbed the funding list but adequate funds would not be available resulting in the MCRC pulling state funding from another source intended for a future road project to get Lewis Avenue obligated in 2015.  The MCRC is working to resolve this resulting funding gap but the Lewis Avenue project was then approved for the October 2015 Letting date.


The next challenge would be to complete all required paperwork with the contractor at the state and federal level, get the official award and notice to proceed, build the project and still make this all happen before climate and shorter daylight becomes a factor as is recognized annually in cold weather states such as Michigan.  Mark Harbison of the MDOT Local Agency Programs indicated that with the project “ready to go for the October letting… you would not receive award until roughly Nov 2. With seasonal shutdown of Nov 15, this means you will get… possibly poor pavement performance paving so late in the season.”  Mark went on further by stating, “…with a spring construction start, you will undoubtedly get better prices, and serve the public better, with a higher quality product.”  Fortunately, on October 2, 2015, the Lewis Avenue project was bid and Ajax Paving Industries, Inc. was the low bidder at 9.44% under engineer’s estimate.  Unfortunately, with a historical average temperature of 50 degrees during this period of the year, the concern and risk is with the quality of the final product. 


As we have indicated and further discussed recently, it would be the desire of the contractor to submit a revised progress schedule and with MCRC and Ida Township support prefer to hold off on the construction of Lewis Avenue from Rauch Road to Todd Road until spring 2016 to help assure a better quality product and road longevity.  All work in 2016 would still be completed by June 30th, 2016.

  • National Truck Network in Monroe County, Michigan
the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, issued regulation 23 CFR 658.19 requiring states to allow reasonable truck access within one mile of the National Truck Network, the Monroe County Road Commission intends to protect, maintain and improve roads in the County of Monroe, Michigan and is developing a truck route map accommodating commercial traffic along County roads, to be enforced by township truck route ordinances, a resolution was passed in order to accomplish this and can be found here.

Ida West Property for SALE!
up to 17.34 net buildable acres adjacent to US-23 exit 13 zoned either industrial or commercial. The site abuts the expressway (US-23) along its easterly property line and has approximately 760' frontage. Approximately 15 minutes north of Toledo. Map of area.

The 2015 Construction season has come to an end, many miles of road were treated in some manner, the road commission is in the process of scheduling the 2016 construction season, please keep an eye on the Weekly Road Watch Report as well as the 2016 Construction Map for project work and locations, as always the Road Commission will continue to work on routine maintenance including but not limited to maintenance on shoulders, signs, culverts, guard rail, snow and ice control and of reactive cold patch repairs.


As always please slow down when road workers are present.

The 2015 construction map us now available on the Construction Projects page.

  • A video showing some of the many surface treatments and other types of maintenance the Road Commission has used to rehabilitate and preserve the many miles of road that is under our jurisdiction.




There are many common myths and misconceptions about transportation in Michigan, from why MDOT replaces "perfectly good" signs to why current funding levels aren't enough to keep roads and bridges in good condition. Please click Transportation Reality Check for all of MDOT's myths and realities.


Michigan Local Roads Matter  is a diverse coalition of groups from across Michigan joined in recognition that local road and bridge network is critical to business and economic development, to schools, to emergency response times and public safety, to seniors, to healthcare, to families, to agriculture, to tourism, to revitalization, to the economy, to every Michigan resident.

Summary: Deficient roadways cost Detroit area drivers $1,600 annually, Lansing area drivers $1,032 annually, and Grand Rapids area drivers $1,027 annually for a total of $7.7 billion statewide.  Costs will rise and transportation woes will worsen without a significant funding boost. 


This presentation explains some of the Road Commissions duties, funding sources, breakdown of funding allocations, telling statistics and challenges the Road Commissions face in their day to day operations. Click this link to view the presentation: Michigan County Road Commissions.




To better serve the development community the Monroe County Economic Development Corporation has facilitated the creation of a guide that will “streamline the development processes” within Monroe County thus saving precious time, money and effort in getting projects up and running in the shortest possible time in our communities.

This Streamlining Guide is a partnership between all the county agencies (including the Monroe County Road Commission), authorities, municipalities and others that may become involved with the planning, permitting, construction and assistance in project developments here in Monroe County.

A recent development which was an outgrowth of the original publication of this document is the adoption of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Monroe County Road Commission and the Monroe County Drain Commission. This agreement was specifically designed to streamline and speed up the review of development proposals by these agencies.